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Kind cpan:KAIEPI last updated on 2020-12-12
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Kind - Typechecking based on kinds


use Kind;

my constant Class = Kind[Metamodel::ClassHOW];

proto sub is-class(Mu --> Bool:D)             {*}
multi sub is-class(Mu $ where Class --> True) { }
multi sub is-class(Mu --> False)              { }

say Str.&is-class;  # OUTPUT: True
say Blob.&is-class; # OUTPUT: False


Kind is an uninstantiable parametric type that can be used to typecheck values based off their kind. If parameterized, it may be used in a `where` clause or on the right-hand side of a smartmatch to typecheck a value's HOW against its type parameter.

Kind is documented. You can view the documentation for it and its methods at any time using `WHY`.

For examples of how to use Kind with any of Rakudo's kinds, see `t/01-kind.t`.


method parameterize

method ^parameterize(Kind:U $this is raw, Mu \K --> Kind:U) { }

Mixes in `kind` and `ACCEPTS` methods. See below.

Some useful values with which to parameterize Kind are:

  * a metaclass or metarole

# Smartmatches any class.

  * a junction of metaclasses or metaroles

# Smartmatches any type that supports naming, versioning, and documenting.
Kind[Metamodel::Naming & Metamodel::Versioning & Metamodel::Documenting]

  * a block

# Smartmatches any parametric type.
Kind[{ use nqp; nqp::hllbool(nqp::can($_, 'parameterize')) }]

  * a metaobject

# This class' metamethods ensure they can only be called with itself or its
# subclasses.
class Configurable {
    my Map:D %CONFIGURATIONS{ObjAt:D};

    method ^configure(Configurable:_ $this where Kind[self], %configuration --> Map:D) {
        %CONFIGURATIONS{$this.WHAT.WHICH} := %configuration.Map
    method ^configuration(Configurable:_ $this where Kind[self] --> Map:D) {


method ACCEPTS

method ACCEPTS(Kind:U: Mu $checker is raw) { }

Returns `True` if the HOW of `$checker` typechecks against `Kind`'s type parameter, otherwise returns `False`.

If `Kind`'s type parameter has an `ACCEPTS` method, this will smartmatch the HOW of `$checker` against it; otherwise, `Metamodel::Primitives.is_type` will be called with `$checker`'s HOW and it. Most of the time, the former will be the case; the latter behaviour exists because it's not guaranteed `K` will actually have `Mu`'s methods (this is case with Rakudo's metaroles).

method kind

method kind(Kind:U: --> Mu) { }

Returns `Kind`'s type parameter.


Ben Davies (Kaiepi)


Copyright 2020 Ben Davies

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.