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LibGit2 cpan:CTILMES last updated on 2020-08-18

use Test;
use File::Temp;
use LibGit2;

plan 11;

my $testdir = tempdir;

isa-ok my $repo = Git::Repository.init($testdir), Git::Repository, 'init';

$repo.commit(:root, message => 'Initial root commit');

for <a b c>
    $testdir.IO.child("{$_}file").spurt("This is some content for file $_.\n");


isa-ok my $diff = $repo.diff-tree-to-index,
	Git::Diff, 'diff-index-to-workdir';

is $diff.elems, 1, '1 file added';

isa-ok my $delta = $, Git::Diff::Delta, 'delta';

is $delta.status, 'GIT_DELTA_ADDED', 'status';

isa-ok $delta.old-file, Git::Diff::File, 'no old file';
with $
    is .id, '5966fc318ca68de951b63a9db21a4c1e07afa1ae', 'id';
    is .path, 'afile', 'path';
    is .size, 33, 'size';

isa-ok $diff = $repo.diff-tree-to-workdir-with-index(:include-untracked),
	Git::Diff, 'diff-tree-to-workdir-with-index';

is $diff.elems, 3, '3 files';