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Libarchive cpan:CTILMES last updated on 2019-07-08

use Test;
use Libarchive::Simple;

plan 11;

my Buf $buf .= new;

ok my $archive = archive-write($buf, format => 'paxr'), 'open writer';
ok $archive.add($*PROGRAM, :pathname('myself')), 'add file';
ok $archive.close(), 'close writer';

ok ($archive := archive-slurp($buf)), 'slurp archive';

is $archive<myself>, $*PROGRAM.IO.slurp, 'content matches';

is $archive<myself>.data, $*PROGRAM.IO.slurp(:bin), 'binary data matches';

ok $archive.write('afile', "Some content\n"), 'write a new file';

ok $archive.mkdir('adir'), 'make a directory';

ok $archive.symlink('adir/linked' => '../afile'), 'symlink';

ok $archive.add($*PROGRAM, pathname => 'anotherself'), 'add filesystem file';

is $archive<anotherself>, $*PROGRAM.IO.slurp, 'content matches';