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Linux::Cpuinfo zef:jonathanstowe last updated on 2023-07-05
# Linux::Cpuinfo

Obtain Linux CPU information.

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## Synopsis

  use Linux::Cpuinfo;

  my $cpuinfo =;

  my $cnt  = $cpuinfo.num-cpus();   # > 1 for an SMP system

  for $cpuinfo.cpus -> $cpu {
     say $cpu.bogomips;

## Description

On Linux systems various information about the CPU ( or CPUs ) in the
computer can be gleaned from ```/proc/cpuinfo```. This module provides an
object oriented interface to that information for relatively simple use
in Raku programs.

## Installation

Assuming you have a working Rakudo installation you should be able to
install this with *zef* :

    # From the source directory
    zef install .

    # Remote installation

    zef install Linux::Cpuinfo

## Support

Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github at

I'd be particularly interested in the /proc/cpuinfo from a variety of
architectures to test against, the ones that I already have can be seen
in t/proc

I'm not able to test on a wide variety of platforms so any help there
would be appreciated.

## Licence

Please see the [LICENCE](LICENCE) file in the distribution.

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