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Linux::Fuser cpan:JSTOWE last updated on 2021-03-09

use v6;

use Test;
plan 33;

use Linux::Fuser;

my $obj;

ok(Linux::Fuser.^can('fuser'), "Linux::Fuser can 'fuser()'");

lives-ok { $obj = }, "create a new Linux::Fuser";

isa-ok($obj,Linux::Fuser, "and it's the right kind of object");

if $* eq 'linux' {
    my $filename = $*PID ~ '.tmp';

    my $fh = open $filename, :w;

    do_tests($filename, "with string filename");
    do_tests($filename.IO, "with IO::Path");

    sub do_tests(Any $file, Str $description) {
        my @procs;
        lives-ok {
            @procs = $obj.fuser($file);
        }, "fuser() doesn't die ($description)";
        ok(@procs.elems, "got some processes ($description)");
        ok(my $proc = @procs[0], "get the first ($description)");
        isa-ok($proc,Linux::Fuser::Procinfo, "And it's the right kind of object ($description)");
        is($, $*PID, "got the expected PID ($description)");
        ok($proc.cmd.elems, "got some command line ($description)");
        todo("not sure how to test this yet",1);
        like($proc.cmd[0], /{ $*VM.config<bindir> }/, "and got something like we expected");
        is($proc.user, $*USER, "got the right user ($description)");
        ok(my $filedes = $proc.filedes, "get the filedescriptor info ($description)");
        isa-ok($filedes,Linux::Fuser::FileDescriptor, "and it's the right sort of object ($description)");
        is($filedes.pos, 0, "pos is 0 ( $description )");
        ok($filedes.flags > 0, "flags is greater than 0 ($description)");
        ok($filedes.mnt-id.defined, "mnt_id is defined ( $description)");

    my @procs;

    lives-ok { @procs = $obj.fuser($filename) }, "fuser() closed file";
    is(@procs.elems,0, "and there aren't any processes");

    lives-ok {
        @procs = $obj.fuser('ThiSdoesNotExIst');
    }, "fuser() no-existent file";
    is(@procs.elems,0, "and there aren't any processes");
else {
    skip-rest "Not linux won't perform tests";

# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=raku