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Log::Async cpan:BDUGGAN last updated on 2022-03-14

use v6;
use Test;

plan 6;

my $lib = $*PROGRAM.parent.parent.child('lib');
my $t = $*PROGRAM.parent;
my $perl6 = ~$*EXECUTABLE;

sub run-test(*@args) {
    run($perl6, "-I$lib,$t", $t.child(''),
        |@args, :out).out.slurp-rest;

my $out = run-test(<--testsubs>);
unlike $out, /:s trace\: sub_a/, 'Sub No trace';
unlike $out, /:s debug\: sub_a/, 'Sub No debug';
unlike $out, /:s info\: sub_a/, 'Sub No info';
like $out, /:s warning\: sub_a/, 'Sub Warning';
like $out, /:s error\: sub_a/, 'Sub Error';
like $out, /:s fatal\: sub_a/, 'Sub Fatal';