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Log::JSON cpan:TYIL last updated on 2020-05-27

=begin pod

=NAME    Log::JSON
=VERSION 0.0.0
=AUTHOR  Patrick Spek <[email protected]>

=head1 Description

A Log implementation with JSON formatted output.

=head1 Installation

Install this module through L<zef|>:

=begin code :lang<sh>
zef install Log::JSON
=end code

=head1 Documentation

Documentation is written as L<Pod6|>
documents, and can be read with the
L<C<p6doc>|> module.

=begin input
p6doc Log::JSON
=end input

At your option, you can also use prettier readers, such as

=begin input
rakuman Log::JSON
=end input

=head1 License

This module is distributed under the terms of the LGPL-3.0-only.

=end pod