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LogP6 cpan:ATROXAPER last updated on 2021-02-23

High priority:

1. ~~docs docs docs~~
1. ~~make logger and pure-logger maps be copy-and-write maps~~
1. ~~make each-time-synchronization wrapper~~
1. ~~improve logic of SyncAbstract wrapper (update logger at the first time)~~
1. ~~make `args` object in `custom` object in configuration file be `custom` too~~
1. ~~add `length=0` in `%level` for exact length. make it default~~

Medium priority:
1. ~~use a better exceptions instead of 'die'~~
1. ~~add params for %trait in pattern (short, long variant)~~
1. ~~add database writer~~

Low priority:

1. add 'turn off/on cliche' factory method
1. add trace-some methods in logger (like 'returns value', 'enter method with')
1. try make entities be really immutable (filters, writes, loggers)
1. ~~add backup/restore ndc and mdc~~


1. ~~add support of '' (default) writers and filters (create them at start)~~
1. ~~add START support (create default)~~
1. ~~add STOP support (close all writers)~~
1. ~~add EXPORT strategy (one for configuring, one for getting)~~
1. ~~logger wrappers and sync~~
1. ~~cliche factories~~
1. ~~improve writer format~~
1. ~~add methods for logger~~
1. ~~add support custom writer (sql or so)~~
1. ~~add support of str format (lazy creation of msg)~~
1. ~~improve logger log method to be more lazy~~
1. ~~improve ndc and mdc logic in Context and Logger (many loggers)~~
1. ~~tests tests tests~~
1. ~~Separate writers and filters and cliches to separate files~~
1. ~~init from file~~
1. ~~sync wrapper from file~~