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MUGS::Core zef:japhb last updated on 2021-05-14
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MUGS-Core - Core modules for MUGS (Multi-User Gaming Services)


    # Setting up a simple MUGS-Core development environment
    mkdir MUGS
    cd MUGS
    git clone [email protected]:Raku-MUGS/MUGS-Core.git
    cd MUGS-Core
    zef install --deps-only --exclude="pq:ver<5>:from<native>" .
    raku -Ilib bin/mugs-admin create-universe


**NOTE: See the [top-level MUGS repo]( for more info.**

MUGS-Core is the core of MUGS (Multi-User Gaming Services), a Raku-based platform for game service development. In other words, it is a set of basic services written in the Raku language for creating client-server and multi-user games. It abstracts away the boilerplate of managing player identities, tracking active games and sessions, sending and receiving messages and actions, and so forth.

This Proof-of-Concept release includes a WebSocket-based game server, simple admin and developer tools, and simple "games" intended primarily for testing. The game server can store data using either an internal ephemeral/test storage driver, or in SQLite databases on disk using a storage driver based on the Red ORM.


MUGS is still in its infancy, at the beginning of a long and hopefully very enjoyable journey. There is a [draft roadmap for the first few major releases]( but I don't plan to do it all myself -- I'm looking for contributions of all sorts to help make it a reality.


Please do! :-)

In all seriousness, check out [the CONTRIBUTING doc](docs/ (identical in each repo) for details on how to contribute, as well as [the Coding Standards doc]( for guidelines/standards/rules that apply to code contributions in particular.

The MUGS project has a matching GitHub org, [Raku-MUGS](, where you will find all related repositories and issue trackers, as well as formal meta-discussion.

More informal discussion can be found on IRC in [Freenode #mugs](ircs://


Geoffrey Broadwell <[email protected]> (japhb on GitHub and Freenode)


Copyright 2021 Geoffrey Broadwell

MUGS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.