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Map::Ordered zef:lizmat last updated on 2021-09-10

use v6.c;
use Test;

use Map::Ordered;

plan 11;

my @keys   := <b c d e f g h a>;
my @values := 666, 314, 628, 271, 6, 7, 8, 42;
my @pairs  := (@keys Z=> @values).List;
my @kv     := (@keys Z @values).flat.List;

my %m is Map::Ordered = @pairs;
subtest {
    is %m.elems, [email protected], "did we get {[email protected]} elements";
    is %m.gist,
      '{b => 666, c => 314, d => 628, e => 271, f => 6, g => 7, h => 8, a => 42}',
      'does .gist work ok';
    is %m.Str,
      'b	666 c	314 d	628 e	271 f	6 g	7 h	8 a	42',
      'does .Str work ok';
    is %m.perl,
      'does .perl work ok';
}, 'test basic stuff after initialization';

is-deeply %m.keys.List,     @keys, 'are the keys in order';
is-deeply %m.values.List, @values, 'are the values in order';
is-deeply %m.pairs.List,   @pairs, 'are the pairs in order';
is-deeply %m.kv.List,         @kv, 'are the key / values in order';

subtest {
    plan [email protected];
    my %test = @pairs;
    is %test{.key}, .value, "did iteration {.key} produce %test{.key}"
      for %m;
}, 'checking iterator';

subtest {
    plan [email protected];
    my %test = @pairs;
    is %m{$_}, %test{$_}, "did key $_ produce %test{$_}"
      for @keys;
}, 'checking {x}';

subtest {
    plan 4;
    ok %m<g>:exists, 'does "g" exist';
    dies-ok { %m<g>:delete }, 'does :delete NOT work on "g"';
    ok %m<g>:exists, 'does element still exist';
    is %m.elems, [email protected], 'do we have same number of elems: elems';
}, 'attempt deletion of key';

subtest {
    plan 4;
    is-deeply %m<d e f>:exists, (True,True,True),
      'can we check existence of an existing slice';
    dies-ok { %m<d e f>:delete, (628,271,6) },
      'can we NOT remove an existing slice';
    is-deeply %m<d e f>:exists, (True,True,True),
      'can we check existence of still existing slice';
    is %m.elems, [email protected], 'did we NOT update number of elements';
}, 'can we NOT delete a slice';

subtest {
    plan 3;
    is-deeply (%m{@keys}:v), @values, 'does a value slice work';
    is-deeply (%m{}:v),      @values, 'does a value zen-slice work';
    is-deeply (%m{*}:v),     @values, 'does a value whatever-slice work';
}, 'can we do value slices';

dies-ok { %m = @pairs }, 'cannot re-initialize a Map';

# vim: ft=perl6 expandtab sw=4