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Math::Constants zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-11-28

2019-11-22  Kevin Pye <[email protected]>

	* Update version to 0.1.1

	* Use SI units for Boltzmann's constant

	* Generate from Constants.pm6

	* Add Kevin Pye as author

2019-11-22  Kevin Pye <[email protected]>

	* Update version to 0.1.0

	* Update pod

	* Add Tp as synonym for planck-temperature

	* Update with all constants

	* Add postfix operator eV

	* Add long names for everything

	* Renamed magnetic-permittivity to magnetic-permability

	* Updated physical constants to CODATA 2018 recommendations as per

	* Remove euler-e and pi, being unnecessary.

	* Add "is export" for gas-constant

2016-12-31  JJ Merelo  <[email protected]>

	* META6.json: 0.0.3 is version with speed of light.

	* lib/Math/Constants.pm6 (Math): Adds the speed of light as a postfix operator, or unit. 

	* META6.json: Adds a few more constants for version 0.0.2