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Math::ConvergenceMethods zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-12-30


Math-ConvergenceMethods Test-install distro


  1. Bisection +info
  2. Regula falsi +info
  3. Secant +info
  4. Newton-Rahpson +info
  5. Fixed-point iteration +info. This method returns the fixed point if it's found in the interval, not the zero of the function.
  6. Steffensen +info

Stop conditions

This modules uses three different stopping conditions.

  1. Difference between two successive approximations
  2. Relative difference between two successive approximations
  3. Residue


(c) 2019 Antonio Gámiz, 2022 JJ Merelo .

This has been releases under the GPL-3.0 license.