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Math::Libgsl::Multiset cpan:FRITH last updated on 2020-02-17

#!/usr/bin/env perl6

use Test;
use lib 'lib';
use Math::Libgsl::Multiset;
use Math::Libgsl::Exception;
use Math::Libgsl::Constants;

subtest {
  my Math::Libgsl::Multiset $m .= new(:n(5), :k(2));
  isa-ok $m, Math::Libgsl::Multiset, 'new using pairs';
  ok $m.get(1) == 0, 'get an element';
  throws-like { $m.get(10) }, X::Libgsl, message => /'out of range'/, 'fails if requested element is out of range';
  my Math::Libgsl::Multiset $m1 .= new(6, 3);
  isa-ok $m1, Math::Libgsl::Multiset, 'new from simple values';
  lives-ok { $m1.init }, 'init from top';
  ok $m1.get(1) == 0, 'get an element';
  lives-ok { $m1.init: :start(BOTTOM) }, 'init from bottom';
  ok $m1.get(1) == 5, 'get an element';
  is-deeply $m1.size, (6, 3), 'get multiset parameters';
  ok $ == True, 'check validity';
}, 'basics';

subtest {
  my Math::Libgsl::Multiset $m .= new(:n(5), :k(2));
  lives-ok { $ }, 'can get next multiset';
  is-deeply $m.all, (0, 1), 'all the elements of the current multiset ok';
  lives-ok { $m.prev }, 'can get previous multiset';
  is-deeply $m.all, (0, 0), 'all the elements of the current multiset ok';
  nok $m.bprev, 'bprev returns False when there is no previous multiset';
  while $m.bnext {}
  nok $m.bnext, 'bnext returns False at end of available multiset';
}, 'next & prev';

subtest {
  my Math::Libgsl::Multiset $m .= new(:n(5), :k(2));
  my $filename = 't/multiset.dat';
  LEAVE { with $filename.IO { .unlink if .e } }
  ok $m.write($filename) == GSL_SUCCESS, 'can write data to file';
  ok $$filename) == GSL_SUCCESS, 'can read data from file';
  is-deeply $m.all, (0, 1), 'verify data';
}, 'IO';