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Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom zef:FRITH last updated on 2023-01-03
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Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom - An interface to libgsl, the Gnu Scientific Library - Quasi-Random Sequences.


use Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom;
use Math::Libgsl::Constants;

my Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom $q .= new: :type(SOBOL), :2dimensions;
$q.get».say for ^10;


Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom is an interface to the Quasi-Random Sequences of libgsl, the Gnu Scientific Library.

### new(Int :$type, Int :$dimensions)

The constructor allows two parameters, the quasi-random sequence generator type and the dimensions. One can find an enum listing all the generator types in the Math::Libgsl::Constants module.

### init()

This method re-inits the sequence.

### get(--> List)

Returns the next item in the sequence as a List of Nums.

### name(--> Str)

This method returns the name of the current quasi-random sequence.

### copy(Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom $src)

This method copies the source generator **$src** into the current one and returns the current object, so it can be concatenated. The generator state is also copied, so the source and destination generators deliver the same values.

### clone(--> Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom)

This method clones the current object and returns a new object. The generator state is also cloned, so the source and destination generators deliver the same values.

my $q =;
my $clone = $q.clone;

C Library Documentation

For more details on libgsl see []( The excellent C Library manual is available here [](, or here []( in PDF format.


This module requires the libgsl library to be installed. Please follow the instructions below based on your platform:

Debian Linux and Ubuntu 20.04+

    sudo apt install libgsl23 libgsl-dev libgslcblas0

That command will install libgslcblas0 as well, since it's used by the GSL.

Ubuntu 18.04

libgsl23 and libgslcblas0 have a missing symbol on Ubuntu 18.04. I solved the issue installing the Debian Buster version of those three libraries:

  * [](

  * [](

  * [](


To install it using zef (a module management tool):

    $ zef install Math::Libgsl::QuasiRandom


Fernando Santagata <[email protected]>


Copyright 2020 Fernando Santagata

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.