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Mathematica::Serializer zef:antononcube last updated on 2022-12-04



Raku package for serialization of Raku objects and expressions to Mathematica expressions.

Remark: Mathematica is also known as Wolfram Language (WL). Mathematica and WL are used as synonyms below.

Usage examples

Here we convert an array of pairs into a WL expression.

use Mathematica::Serializer;
encode-to-wl([ "a" => 23, "karma" => 'interest', "instance" => 1/3, "ary" => Whatever, "condo" => Nil]):!encoded-head;
# List[Rule["a",23],Rule["karma","interest"],Rule["instance",Rational[1,3]],Rule["ary",Automatic],Rule["condo",NULL]]

Here is a list of date-time objects:

my @dts = (,1,1,2,9,0),,1,1,11,35,0),,1,1,11,36,0)).Seq;
# [2022-01-01T02:09:00Z 2022-01-01T11:35:00Z 2022-01-01T11:36:00Z]

Here we convert that list into a Mathematica expression:

@dts ==> encode-to-wl
# WLEncoded[List[DateObject[{2022,1,1,2,9,0}],DateObject[{2022,1,1,11,35,0}],DateObject[{2022,1,1,11,36,0}]]]



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