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Matrix::Client cpan:MATIASL last updated on 2021-08-26

=begin pod
=head1 Before we begin…

This guide will be a port from L<this guide|>
by the Matrix team.

=head1 Making a Matrix Client

Let's explore how we would make a very simple Matrix client, with the only ability to perform an initial
sync, and get the member list and the timeline for rooms of our choice.

This guide will cover:

=item Login
=item Simple syncing
=item Listening for timeline events
=item Sending messages to rooms
=item How to respond to specific messages

=head2 Preparing the project

Before we start, make sure you have perl6 and zef installed. My sugestion is to install
L<rakudobrew|> and follow the instructions.

Once you're ready, the first thing is to install
L<Matrix::Client|> with C<zef>

=begin code
zef install Matrix::Client
=end code

And now we can include it on our source exaclty as expected.

=begin code
use Matrix::Client;
=end code

=head2 Login with an access token

=end pod