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Memoize cpan:ELIZABETH last updated on 2020-11-19

Revision history for Memoize

0.0.8  2020-11-19T12:20:57+01:00
    - Move roles outside of module, for better naming: Sub+{Memoize}

0.0.7  2020-11-16T18:12:10+01:00
    - Force to 6.d to avoid breakage on < 6.e

0.0.6  2020-11-12T19:38:14+01:00
    - Change name of distribution
    - Force to highest possible Raku version
    - Update copyright year

0.0.5  2019-11-10T13:37:42+01:00
    - changed Perl 6 to Raku, Perl 5 to Perl

0.0.4  2019-03-17T22:59:52+01:00
    - Update PORTING CAVEATS wrt use of Scalar to indicate scalar context
    - Update copyright year

0.0.3  2018-05-31T12:03:14+02:00
    - Some more pod fixes

0.0.2  2018-05-30T21:11:20+02:00
    - flush_cache() now returns Nil always
    - Pod adaptions: removed p5isms, added :CACHE<MULTI>
    - added tests for :CACHE(my %h) and whether flush_cache works

0.0.1  2018-05-30T14:44:01+02:00
    - Initial version