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ModelDB cpan:HANENKAMP last updated on 2019-10-28

v0.6.0	2019-10-28

    * Fixed a bug that prevented connection recovery in most situations.
    * Fixed a bug that resulted in DB errors being absorbed by the database
      connector incorrectly.
    * Fixed a bug where connections were not disconnected on error in some case,
      which could result in resource exhaustion until the garbage collector runs

v0.5.0	2019-10-22

    * Change default number of connections for connector to 1 just in case your
      client is not thread safe. Production applications, should there be any,
      should make sure their client library is thread safe and consider
      increasing this number to avoid contention.

v0.4.0	2019-10-13

    * Fixing time zone handling in DateTime loading. (This is a super-gross fix
      and probably a DBIish bug, but I'm fixing it the expedient way for the

v0.3.0	2019-10-11
    * Verison v6.d is required.

v0.2.1	2019-10-10

    * Rewrote the ModelDB::Connector so that is actually has a possibility of
      working. Actually, if this does prove workable, it will write my next blog

v0.2.0	2019-10-08

    * Added the ModelDB::Connector connection manager.

v0.1.1	2019-10-05
    * Adding the :DELETE-ALL<I AM SURE> option to table .delete.

v0.1.0	2019-09-27

    * Add support for Date in the default save and load filters.

v0.0.5	2019-09-25

    * Apply save-filters during .create
    * Add support for MySQL last_insert_id().
    * Add support for DateTime in the default save and load filters.

v0.0.4	2019-09-10

    * Adding a new create method from existing row object.

v0.0.3	2018-11-16

    * Initial revision.