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MongoDB cpan:MARTIMM last updated on 2020-07-19

My question;

 I am writing a mongodb driver for the perl6 language. The modules were created
by Pawel Pabian and beginning this year I've taken them under my wings. The
software has been split into two packages, one for BSON and one for MongoDB and
I want to merge these packages in one package. Before I do this I want to know
if there is any use of standalone BSON. If so, I might leave them alone.

But. when I look into the driver sources written in other languages, many of
them are combined into one package. For me it would be a lot easier especially
when testing the lot. Also going back and forth from one package to the other is
a bit tiring.

Could anyone shed some light on this?


 	David Golden 	
4:13 PM (1 hour ago)
Hi, Marcel.

I'm the senior engineer responsible for the Perl 5 driver (and I'm DAGOLDEN on
CPAN).  I have heard of anecdotal usage (or desired usage - see "Serialise to
binary" on Perlmonks == of
BSON, but I don't think there is currently widespread usage.

That said, for the Perl 5 driver, we are in the process of splitting out BSON
from the driver. The plan is to provide both "BSON" and "BSON::XS" on CPAN
(where BSON transparently uses BSON::XS for speed if installed).  This mirrors
how the CPAN modules JSON && JSON::XS work.  That would let the driver itself be
pure-Perl.  This allows a pure-Perl MongoDB option for those who wish to use it
in a restricted (no compiler) environment or want to fatpack it.

That said, there are a number of reasons why tight integration is convenient --
or at least there are design considerations involved in how it gets split out so
that it can still provide MongoDB-specific behaviors on demand.

Does that help clarify the situation?

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Perlmonks referring to use of BSON