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Net::BGP cpan:JMASLAK last updated on 2022-12-18

Wow, you want to help?  That's great!

I'll put together a more detailed version of this, but I'll point you in
some useful directions that could help with this module.

If you want to help:

  * Don't break the public interface.  You can add to it, but don't
    break code that already depends on this interface.
  * I'll take bug reports however you want to send them (RT, Github
    issue, email, etc).  My preference is for Github issues.
  * I'll take code changes however you want to send them, but prefer
    it via Github pull request.
  * If you make suggestions/changes, I'll credit you unless you ask
    specifically otherwise.  I'll use your email and PAUSE ID (if
    applicable) if I can find it.  If I get this wrong or you change
    either, just jot me a note or PR to change it.
  * If you make changes that might impact the performance of the
    Net::BGP::Message::Update object or its' methods, please run
    the "" script in the top directory before and after
    making the changes to validate you did not harm performance.

Some things you can do that would make me smile:

  * Feel free to look at the TODO file - I've pointed out some things I
    want to do with the module.  Feel free to do any of them (but if it
    is a bigger item, you might jot me a note first so that I don't
    accidentally duplicate your effort!)
  * Performance!!!
  * I'm sure this isn't very idiomatic Perl 6, and would love patches
    that help me with that!
  * Write tests for things that are known to be broken (UTF-8 file
    handling, for instance).  Mark those as "todo" tests so that the
    failures do not cause test failures.
  * Improvements to documentation are always appreciated
  * If the module is missing something you would find useful, or you're
    confused about something, or if it doesn't seem to work the way you
    want, email me or open a Github issue.  The module makes sense to me
    and my way of working, but if it doesn't to you, you probably are
    not the only person who it doesn't make sense to.
  * "Meta" stuff is great too - I'm no expert on mi6 and all that it
    can/should do.  So please feel free to send me suggestions or PR
    for packaging, metafiles, etc