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Net::BGP zef:jmaslak last updated on 2022-12-19

Todo Items:

  * OPEN:
    * Notify upon invalid (too short) of message data
  * When we close a connection because the remote has the wrong ASN, we
    should log that in bgpmon.p6
  * Detect BGP identifier clashes
  * Constraint violation in message classes shouldn't kill everything
    (example: a capability with an invalid length to pass the from-raw
    anonymous constraints)
  * If listening port cannot be bound, something bad should happen - it
    should not just silently fail.
  * In messages, parameters, capabilities, and path attributes, we
    should test for the message type in a uniform way.
  * Allow specifying two next-hop addresses for IPv6 MP-NLRI
  * MD5 socket option is specific to AF we're listening on.  If we
    listen on ::, but have an IPv4 peer, we need to be able to set the socket
  * Allow specification of address families on a per-peer basis
  * Pause recept of incoming TCP packets while waiting for
    user/controller to process existing backlog
  * Document from-hash method properly in Net::BGP::Message
  * Make opens print nicer (multi-line)
  * Seeing after stop and restart, sometimes first connection does not
    establish a connection
  * All notifies should have a stringifier
  * BGP::Message::Open should "guess" BGP ID when not provided.
  * Announce should "guess" route when not provided???
  * Allow removing peers