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Object::Permission::Group cpan:JSTOWE last updated on 2021-04-02
# Object::Permission::Group

Object helper for [Object::Permission]( using unix groups.

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## Synopsis

	use Object::Permission::Group; # $*AUTH-USER is derived from $*USER

   # Or:

   Use Object::Permission::Group;

	# Set $*AUTH-USER to one for a specified user
   $*AUTH-USER = => 'wibble');

## Description

This provides a simple implementation of
`Object::Permission::User` to be used with
which derives the permissions for the `$*AUTH-USER` from the users
unix group membership.

By default `$*AUTH-USER` is initialised based on the value of
`$*USER` (i.e. the effective user,) but it can be set manually with
the permissions of an arbitrary user (as in the second example above.)

## Installation

Assuming you have a working Rakudo installation you should be able to install this with *zef* :

    # From the source directory
    zef install .

    # Remote installation

    zef install Object::Permission::Group

## Support

Suggestions/patches are welcomed via [github](

## Licence

This is free software.

Please see the [LICENCE](LICENCE) file in the distribution

© Jonathan Stowe 2015 - 2021