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P5built-ins zef:lizmat last updated on 2022-01-21

Revision history for P5built-ins

0.0.25  2022-01-21T17:37:24+01:00
    - Upped dependency on P5getnetbyname
    - Updated test-file extensions
    - Updated copyright year

0.0.24  2021-09-09T18:15:45+02:00
    - Updated dependencies
    - Change file extension to .rakumod
    - Migrate to zef ecosystem
    - Update email address
    - Update copyright year

0.0.23  2020-11-12T13:19:29+01:00
    - Change name of distribution
    - Force to highest possible Raku version
    - Changed Perl 6 to Raku, and Perl 5 to Perl
    - Tighten up dependencies for updated P5* modules

0.0.22  2019-03-17T23:45:04+01:00
    - Tighten up dependencies for updated P5* modules
    - Update copyright year

0.0.21  2018-06-01T13:00:28+02:00
    - Added support for abs cos crypt exp int log sin sqrt
    - Replace dependency of P5rand by P5math
    - Now at 100 functions!

0.0.20  2018-05-09T23:43:13+02:00
    - Added support for defined, undef
    - P5rand no longer exports srand

0.0.19  2018-05-07T13:05:44+02:00
    - Added support for getpriority, setpriority, getppid, getpgrp
    - Added support for rand, srand
    - Added support for reset

0.0.18  2018-05-05T17:09:45+02:00
    - Added support for print, printf, say, STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR

0.0.17  2018-05-04T15:30:23+02:00
    - Added support for __FILE__, __LINE__, __PACKAGE__, __SUB__

0.0.16  2018-05-03T22:31:55+02:00
    - Forgot to add the dependency on getprotobyname, Travis++

0.0.15  2018-05-03T21:41:05+02:00
    - Added support for endprotoent, getprotobyname, getprotobynumber,
      getprotoent, setprotoent
    - Added support for forgotten setpwent and setgrent

0.0.14  2018-05-03T00:03:08+02:00
    - Added support for endnetent, getnetbyaddr, getnetbyname, getnetent
    - Added support for endservent, getservbyname, getservbyport, getservent
    - Added some missing exports to the documentation / tests:
      now at 72 functions

0.0.13  2018-05-01T16:02:49+02:00
    - Added support for endgrent, endpwent,
      getgrent, getgrnam, getgrgid, getlogin, getpwent, getpwnam, getpwuid

0.0.12  2018-04-29T23:33:04+02:00
    - Added support for localtime(), gmtime()

0.0.11  2018-04-29T12:12:24+02:00
    - Added support for shift(), unshift()
    - Added support for opendir, readdir, telldir, seekdir, rewinddir, closedir

0.0.10  2018-04-28T11:12:27+02:00
    - Added support for fileno(), pop(), push(), readlink(), seek()

0.0.9  2018-04-26T13:02:35+02:00
    - Forgot to add the dependency on chdir, Travis++

0.0.8  2018-04-25T23:20:49+02:00
    - Added support for chdir()
    - Added authority to the version information

0.0.7  2018-04-12T13:42:12+02:00
    - Follow App:Mi6's default Changes format
    - Update references to submodules to account for merges
    - Fix some documentation copy-pastos

0.0.6  2018-01-31T12:43:06+01:00
    - Added support for reverse()

0.0.5  2018-01-30T10:30:05+01:00
    - Added support for sleep()

0.0.4  2018-01-29T20:46:04+01:00
    - Added support for study()

0.0.3  2018-01-29T20:43:03+01:00
    - Added support for -r, -w, -x, -e, -f, -d, -z, -s, -l

0.0.2  2018-01-27T00:55:02+01:00
    - Added support for fc(), lc() and uc()

0.0.1  2018-01-26T23:53:01+01:00
    - Initial implementation.