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PDF::Class cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2020-01-30

Release 0.4.0
- Rename modules *.pm -> *.rakumod and scripts *.p6 -> *.raku

Release 0.3.9
- Rename PDF::StructElem.structure-type() alias to .tag()
- Minor refactor of destination coercements. Add PDF::Names; extracted from PDF::Catalog.
- Added classes PDF::Sound PDF::Action::Sound

Release 0.3.8
- Add Catalog Permissions and PDF::Signature::Reference roles
- More forgiving PDF::ExtGState and PDF::Annot.Border[3] (dash entry)
- Make PDF::FontDescriptor into a role; missing /Type is quite common, e.g. in
  older Ghostscript PDF files.

Release 0.3.7
- Populate Info /Creator with Perl and tool-chain versions, and /Producer with actual producer class

Release 0.3.6
- Fixed load of PDF::Group::Transparency class
- Adjust META6 source_url (see perl6/ecosystem-unbitrot#492)

Release 0.3.5
- renamed exported class Filespec -> File

Release 0.3.4
- Remove questionable "use lib '.'" from test suite
- Rename export subset PDF::Filespec :Filespec -> :File

Release 0.3.3
- Add coercements for Catalog EmbeddedFile name-tree/
- Fix warning on load of EmbeddedFile objects
- Filespec and Annotation adjustments for PDF::API6 0.1.3

Release 0.3.2
- Fix PDF::Border /S (border-style entry)

Release 0.3.1
- Fix StructElem coercement (broken in 0.3.0)
- Fix PDF::Field .type() method to return 'Field', for
  consistancy, and .subtype() to return the field type.

Release 0.3.0
- Fixed pdf-toc.p6
- Feedback from trial integration PDF::ISO_32000 package
  (work in progress)

Release 0.2.9
- Script fixes:
  -- pdf-burst.p6 to work with inherited page resources. added
     --batch-size option for multi-page bursts
  -- fixed pdf-revert.p6, pdf-info.p6 to not be confused by
     hybrid xrefs
  -- minor improvements to: pdf-append.p6, pdf-content-dump.p6,

Release 0.2.8
- Added PDF::Outline(s) .kids iterator and .add-kid method

Release 0.2.7
- Created PDF::Class::Util - with support functions page numbering schemes and PDF page labels.
  Including Roman and Decimal.
- Added page-label printing to pdf-toc.p6
- Added pdf-content-dump.p6

Release 0.2.6
- added pdf-toc.p6 (table-of-contents) utility
- further pdf-checker.p6 improvements:
  --trace option now displays encoded hex and text-strings as Perl strings

Release 0.2.5
- Added PDF::Filespec, PDF::Action::Launch
- pdf-checker.p6 improvements

Release 0.2.4
- Added PDF::Annot::Markup, PDF::Annot::Popup,
  PDF:::Annot::ThreeD, PDF::Markup::Markup3D

Release 0.2.3
- Fix PDF 1.6+ Cross Reference Streams, broken in 0.2.2

Release 0.2.2
- Fix PDF::Shading::Function
- Added PDF::ICCProfile, PDF::Annot::Caret, PDF::Signature,

Release 0.2.1
- Added PDF::Action::GoToR - goto remote
- Added PDF::Action::Named - named action
- Added PDF::Image. Use for PDF::Page.Thumb(thumbnail-image) attribute
- Changed PDF::FontDescriptor from a class to a role
- Removed subclass PDF::OutputIntent::GTS_PDFX
- Fixed setup of Resources ProcSet array
- Improved page navigation in pdf-checker.p6

Release 0.2.0
- Simplifications to PDF::Class::Loader. Made PDF::CIDSystemInfo a role.
- Corrections, mostly based on pdf-checker --strict feedback, to:
  PDF::Font::CIDFont, PDF::Metadata::XML, PDF::Pages,
  PDF::ViewerPreferences, PDF::Field::Signature,
  PDF::OutputIntent::GTS_PDFX, PDF::Catalog, PDF::Encoding,
Release 0.1.9
- Development of PDF::NameTree, PDF::NumberTree, PDF::StructElem and PDF::FontFile
- Further development of PDF::Destination. Both explicit and named destinations.
- Added PDF::Catalog.Dests coercements
- Fixed PDF::Action coercements

Release 0.1.8
- Add classess:
  -- PDF::OCG (Optional Content Groups)
  -- PDF::OCMD (Optional Content Membership Dictionary)
  -- PDF::MCR (Marked Content Reference)
- Remove some trivial single-use subsets. Replace with 'where' clauses on
  entry attributes.
- Move t:Doc::* test classes from lib/ to t/

Release 0.1.7
- Adjust t/helloworld.t and t/pdf-xobject-form.t for PDF::Content 0.2.2

Release 0.1.6
- Added PDF::StructTreeRoot, PDF::NameTree
- Altered composition of PDF::Mask
- Fixed DeviceN Color load warnings

Release 0.1.5
Improvements from field testing of pdf-checker.p6:
- PDF::Outline, PDF::Outlines:
  -- fix coercements. Convert from classes to roles as /Type is optional.
  -- Allow negative /Count values, as per spec
- PDF::Destination: allow trailing optional array elements to be omitted
- PDF::ColorSpace::Pattern: added as a new colorspace type
- PDF::Font:
  -- fix coercement of type1 & 3 Encoding entry
  -- coerce type3 fonts CharProcs as a PDF::Content::Graphics content stream

Release 0.1.4
- Altered composition of some classes to avoid 'version skew' compilation
  errors (Issue #11)
- Fixed PDF::ExtGState.SMask accessor; new subclasses PDF::Mask::Alpha,
- Improvements to pdf-checker.p6

Release 0.1.3
- Fix ToUnicode entry in type 0, 1 and 3 fonts.

Release 0.1.2
- PDF::Action::URI class
- PDF::Destination.construct() method
- PDF::Destination.type() method to .fit()

Release 0.1.1
- Renamed role PDF::OutlineItem -> PDF::Outline
- Add PDF::Destination; removed destination handling from PDF::Action; includes:
  -- `construct` method for creating new page destinations
  -- `:Fit` enumeration export for destination fitting modes

Release 0.1.0
- Adjust to latest PDF. PDF::DAO classes have been renamed
  to PDF::COS (Carousel Object System)

Release 0.0.8
- Revamped PDF::Function::Sampled::Calculator

Release 0.0.7
Add PDF::Function calculator and evaluate methods, classes:
- PDF::Function::PostScript
- PDF::Function::Sampled
- PDF::Function::Exponential
- PDF::Function::Stitching

Release 0.0.6
- Fix PDF::Page.Annots accessor. Now coerces fields to PDF::Field

Release 0.0.5
- Set up accessor aliases, e.g. D(dash) in PDF::Appearance

Release 0.0.4
- Add etc/ use it to generate table of classes in

Release 0.0.3
- Correct attribute name: Bound -> Bounds in PDF::Function::Stitching

Release 0.0.2
- Fix syntax of PDF::Content::XObject['PS'] and PDF::Font::Type3

Release 0.0.1
- initial release