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PDF::Document cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2021-02-12

#!/usr/bin/env raku

use lib <./lib ../lib>;
use PDF::Document;
use PDF::Lite;
use Font::AFM;

# test with a pdf doc
my $pdf =;
my BaseFont @bf;
for %CoreFonts.keys.sort -> $f {
    my $BF = find-basefont :$pdf, :name($f);
    @bf.push: $BF;

my DocFont %df;
for (8,9,10,12.1) -> $size {
    for @bf -> $bf {
        # create a unique key for the font
        my $alias = %CoreFonts{$};
        my $key = "{$alias}{$size}";
        # replace decimal place with a 'd'
        $key ~~ s/'.'/d/;
        my $df = select-docfont :basefont($bf), :$size;
        %df{$key} = $df;
        say "Setting document font '{$}' at standard key '$key'";