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PDF::Document cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2021-02-12

=begin pod

From IRC #raku on 2021-01-21:

Also help by @elcaro and @moritz

1616: dakkar:

tbrowder: if you have a `sub something($thing, $:named, $:other)` and
you want to wrap it so it ignores named arguments with undefined
values, you could do:

1617: dakkar:

tbrowder: `sub something_wrapped($thing, *%named) { my %args =
%named.pairs.grep(*.value.defined); return something($thing, |%args)

=begin code

#= a sub to be wrapped
sub some-foreign-sub($thing, :$named, :$other, ...) {

#= the
sub some-wrapper-sub($thing, *%named) {
    my %args = %named.pairs.grep(*.value.defined);
    return some-foreign-sub($thing, |%args)

=end code

=end pod