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PDF::Document cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2021-02-12

This directory contains the Java source of the package by ?  whose
method for calculating cubic Bezier curve control points seems to be
the best I can find.

His method is for the general case of an elliptical curve, with major
diameter a and minor diameter b, with its center at point x,y whose
major axis is at a known angle ccw from the positive x-axis, with its
starting point at angle a0 from the major axis, and its ending point
at angle a1 from the starting point.

Thus his method can handle ellipses and circles whether complete or
not and oriented as desired.

His implementation will be made part of a Java CLI program which takes
as input the desired parameters to call the Java class:


The using Raku routine will call the Java program using either routine
'run' or 'shell'.

The Java class in turn will output its results to a temporary file in
the following format:


Some resources:

+ A Java CLI helper:

+ Java code for the cubic Bezier curve control points: