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PDF::Tags zef:dwarring last updated on 2023-07-23

0.1.11  2023-07-24T11:39:08+12:00
  - Add xml(:roles) options - dereference role-map when writing XML tags
  - Add dereferencing of field values in XML content

0.1.10  2022-12-20T11:31:44+13:00
  - Add support for structure attributes

0.1.9  2022-12-09T08:07:32+13:00
  - Add support for role-maps.

0.1.8  2022-11-25T15:31:14+13:00
  - Don't write XML dtd when :marks is set.
  - Fix buglet in computing attribute owner
  - Ensure tests produce valid document structure #11

0.1.7  2022-07-26T11:38:35+12:00
  - Allow fragments to contain multiple top-level elements.
  - Fix t/write-tags.t to produce valid Tag structure #11
  - Remove misleading link example from README Synopsis. Instead
    add detailed example to examples/link.raku

0.1.6  2022-07-23T11:24:54+12:00
  - Improvements and corrections to README

0.1.5  2022-07-23T10:27:29+12:00
  - Changed do() method to accept a fragment option. Usage is now:
    $$gfx, $frag, *%opt), which renders the xobject contained
    in a document fragment and inserts a copy of the fragment sub-tree.

0.1.4  2022-07-18T06:55:42+12:00
  - Fix t/style.t for latest CSS::Properties

0.1.3  2022-07-10T08:21:43+12:00
  - Fixed code samples and expanded

0.1.2  2022-05-29T10:33:54+12:00
  - PDF::Tags::XML-Writer now links to external DtD:
  - Add Elem fragment() method. To allow stand-alone sub-tree construction
  - Add some basic protection lock for thread safety fragment manipulation

0.1.1  2022-03-31T08:12:02+13:00
  - Restore README, eaten by Mi6

0.1.0  2022-03-31T08:06:23+13:00
  - Add node-path() method to compute an XPath for the node in a tree.
  - Allow update of Element names
  - Improve conformance of attribute handling. Detect and respect tag owners.

0.0.15  2022-03-25T11:38:23+13:00
  - Fix $tags.xml(:!atts) option
  - Move this module from CPAN to zef

0.0.14  2022-02-16T10:36:38+13:00
  - PDF::Tags::XML-Writer
    -- Handle serialization of target links to 'href' attribute #7, e.g.
       <Link href="#foo">Foo</Link>. Implemented for named destinations
       and external links. TODO: Page level destination links.
  - PDF::Tags::Elem:
    -- Rename $.class attribute to $.role. This represents the original tag-name
       before being dereferenced via StructTreeRoot.RoleMap.
    -- Added classes accessor
  - PDF::Tags:
    -- Added :$role-map and :$class-map options to create() method

0.0.13  2021-12-27T17:26:35+13:00
  - Avoid writing /ActualText entries into StructElems when they replicate
    the marked content sequence in the content stream..
  - Add element leaf() attribute and add-kid :$bind option. Both of
    these help to further reduce the number of StructElem nodes.
  - Revamped XML serialization formatting. It now correctly detects
    inline elements and avoids line-feeds.

0.0.12  2021-12-22T06:54:30+13:00
  - Export read capability to new module PDF::Tags::Reader. This
    module has been slimmed down to only allow writing, not reading
    of tagged PDF. This also lets us drop PDF::Font::Loader as a

0.0.11  2021-12-20T18:17:21+13:00
  - Use PDF::Content v0.5.13 $.actual-text accessor
  - Fix handling of ActualText entries when marking at different levels in the structure tree.

0.0.10  2021-10-13T06:53:46+13:00
  - Upgrade to PDF::Content v0.5.9+. Deprecate PDF::Content owner()
    and parent() methods in favor of canvas()

0.0.9  2021-09-29T17:55:25+13:00
  - Add CSS::TagSet::TaggedPDF integration - see t/style.t

0.0.8  2021-06-20T11:47:35+12:00
  - Removing bogus "api" from META6. Flushing CPAN.

0.0.7  2021-04-11T07:13:25+12:00
  - Also allow reference from add-kid method. This allows shortening
    of $root.Link.reference($gfx, $annot) to $root.Link($gfx, $annot)

0.0.6  2021-04-09T11:18:57+12:00
  - Add :graphics option to dump selected graphics state. Currently
    outputs: TextMatrix and CTM matrices, Stroke and Fill colors
  - Allow marking from add-kid method. In particular this allows
    shortening of $tag.Paragraph.mark(...) to $tag.Paragraph(...)

0.0.5  2021-01-15T10:29:13+13:00
  - Implement shorthand form of child constructor .e.g
    `$doc.Paragraph` rather than `$doc-add-kid: :name(Paragraph);`
  - Adjust to PDF 0.4.10+ coercian semantics

0.0.4 - Bump dependencies.
0.0.3 - More Doco
0.0.2 - Add license (Artistic)
      - Change README examples from PDF::Class to PDF::API6
0.0.2 - Doco corrections
0.0.1 - Initial release