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PDF::To::Cairo zef:dwarring last updated on 2023-03-28


[Raku PDF Project] / PDF::To::Cairo



To burst my.pdf to PNG images my-001.png my-002.png ...

Via the shell

bin/pdf2image.raku my.pdf

Via Raku

use PDF::Class;
use PDF::To::Cairo;

my PDF::Class $pdf .= open: "my.pdf";
my $outfile-templ = "my-%03d.png";$pdf, $outfile-templ);


This module is an experimental work-in-progress PDF rendering via Cairo and the Raku PDF Tool-chain. It is able to render from PDF::Class or PDF::API6 objects. Supported output formats are PNG, PDF (round trip) and SVG.

This module can currently render text (most fonts), simple colors, tiling patterns and basic graphics.

At this stage its main purpose is to exercise Raku modules related to PDF, fonts and rendering, including:


pdf2image.raku --page=n --batch=m --trace --password=*** <in>.pdf [out-fmt]


pdf2image.raku Options

pdf-previews.raku <directory> --previews=<directory>

Render all PDF files in a given input directory (default .) and render PNG previews to a given output directory; by default to a .previews subdirectory in the input directory.


Implemented: - basic text, including fonts, word and character spacing - most drawing and graphics operators - form XObjects - some (mostly PNG like) image XObjects (depends on state of PDF::Class method) - Gray, RGB, CMYK, DeviceN and Separation color-spaces - Tiling patterns (not shading)

Nyi: - advanced clipping and graphics settings - many image types - shading patterns - some font types (in particular Type3 synthetic fonts)