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PDF::Writer cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2021-01-04

Revision history for PDF-Writer

0.0.6  2021-01-04T16:46:08-06:00
    - delete windows test
    - tighten dependency requirements
    - make Doc class more robust

0.0.5  2021-01-04T06:56:56-06:00
    - correct lots of font use errors
    - fall back to an easier dependency
    - temporary use of a fixed font: Courier

0.0.4  2021-01-02T20:55:16-06:00
    - add missing deps

0.0.3  2021-01-02T18:27:18-06:00
    - fixed use of fonts and an instance of the Doc class
    - moved most subs to the module
    - added rudimentary tests

0.0.2  2021-01-02T15:17:09-06:00
    - fix errors in reading the config file

0.0.1  2021-01-02T06:45:05-06:00
    - Initial version