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PKCS5 cpan:MARTIMM last updated on 2017-04-28


Public Key Cryptography Standards #5 (PKCS 5)

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This package implements part of PKCS 5 which is, according to the wikipedia, a Password-based Encryption Standard. The derivation algorithm PBKDF2 is implemented as a class in this package.


use PKCS5::PBKDF2;

my PKCS5::PBKDF2 $p .= new;

$spw2 = $p.derive-hex('pencil'.encode), 65, 37, 194, 71, 228, 58, 177, 233, 60, 109, 255, 118),

is $spw2, '1d96ee3a529b5a5f9e47c01f229a2cb8a6e15f7d', '4096 iteration hex';


See documentation at

Versions of PERL, MOARVM and MongoDB

This project is tested with latest Rakudo built on MoarVM implementing Perl v6.c.


Marcel Timmerman (MARTIMM on github)