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Pastebin::Shadowcat zef:raku-community-modules last updated on 2023-01-17

Revision history for Pastebin-Shadowcat

2.003  2023-01-18T00:24:52+01:00
    - migrate to HTML::Entity::Fast for entity decoding

2.002  2022-02-25T20:46:55+01:00
    - First version in the zef ecosystem

2.001001  2015-10-11
  - Use OO instead of plain subs to be compat with App::Nopaste

1.001002  2015-09-29
  - Fix failures when fetching pastes with more than one line
  - Properly "fail()" on errors
  - Fixed incorrect handling of "#$&+,/:;=?@" chars in pastes

1.001001  2015-04-03
  - First version released on an unsuspecting world