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Pod::To::PDF::Lite zef:dwarring last updated on 2022-08-03





Pod to PDF draft renderer


Renders Pod to PDF draft documents via PDF::Lite.


From command line:

$ raku --doc=PDF::Lite lib/to/class.rakumod | xargs evince

From Raku:

use Pod::To::PDF::Lite;


=SYNOPSIS <options> files ...

pod2pdf($=pod).save-as: "foobar.pdf";


class Pod::To::PDF::Lite;
sub pod2pdf; # See below

From command line:

$ raku --doc=PDF::Lite lib/to/class.rakumod | xargs evince

From Raku code, the pod2pdf function returns a PDF::Lite object which can be further manipulated, or saved to a PDF file.

use Pod::To::PDF::Lite;
use PDF::Lite;


    foobarraku <options> files ...

my PDF::Lite $pdf = pod2pdf($=pod);
$ "foobar.pdf"


sub pod2pdf()

raku sub pod2pdf( Pod::Block $pod ) returns PDF::Lite;

Renders the specified Pod to a PDF::Lite object, which can then be further manipulated or saved.

PDF::Lite :$pdf

An existing PDF::Lite object to add pages to.

UInt:D :$width, UInt:D :$height

The page size in points (there are 72 points per inch).

UInt:D :$margin

The page margin in points (default 20).

Hash :@fonts

By default, Pod::To::PDF::Lite uses core fonts. This option can be used to preload selected fonts.

Note: PDF::Font::Loader must be installed, to use this option.

use PDF::Lite;
use Pod::To::PDF::Lite;
need PDF::Font::Loader; # needed to enable this option

my @fonts = (
    %(:file<fonts/Raku-Bold.ttf>, :bold),
    %(:file<fonts/Raku-Italic.ttf>, :italic),
    %(:file<fonts/Raku-BoldItalic.ttf>, :bold, :italic),
    %(:file<fonts/Raku-Mono.ttf>, :mono),

PDF::Lite $pdf = pod2pdf($=pod, :@fonts);
$ "pod.pdf";

Asynchronous Rendering (Experimental)

$ raku --doc=PDF::Lite::Async lib/to/class.rakumod | xargs evince

Also included in this module is class Pod::To::PDF::Lite::Async. This extends the Pod::To::PDF::Lite Pod renderer, adding the ability to render larger documents concurrently.

For this mode to be useful, the document is likely to be of the order of dozens of pages and include multiple level-1 headers (for batching purposes).


PDF::Lite minimalism, including:

See Also