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Pod::To::Pager cpan:TYIL last updated on 2018-06-23

= Pod::To::Pager
:toc: preamble

This is a Perl 6 module to convert a Perl 6 Pod document to a more
user-friendly variant for viewing on the shell. It is intended to be piped
through a pager, such as `less`.

== Differences with the default Pod parser

To see the difference with the default Pod parser bundled with `perl6`, run the
following commands and compare the output:

    perl6 --doc t/              # Default
    perl6 -Ilib --doc=Pager t/  # Pod::To::Pager variant

You can also check out some screenshots:


=== No declarator blocks

Declarator blocks are ignored by `Pod::To::Pager`. These are useful for
developers, but less so for end users. They also look very out of place in the
rest of the Pod output.

=== More styling

`Pod::To::Pager` uses `Terminal::ANSIColor` to apply more styling than the
default Pod parser. This includes bold, italic or underlined characters, and a
few colors.

== Using it

To use this module for your Pod reading needs, install the module with `zef`:

    zef install Pod::To::Pager

This module is bundled with a utility, similar to `p6doc` when used on regular
Perl 6 programs, called `p6man`. This name is chosen because the style of the
output has been heavily inspired by the style of regular man pages found on all
sorts of systems.

    p6man t/

== License

This module is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero GPL license,
version 3.