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Polyglot::Regexen zef:guifa last updated on 2023-08-02



A module to enable use of non-Raku flavors of regex directly in Raku code.


Because copy and paste. Also, there are lots of little gotchas when going between different flavors. What counts for \s, \d, ., or even $ can vary substantially or in quite subtle ways. If you have a battle-tested regex, don't worry about rewriting it. Just use it as is!

The goal of this module is to provide a variety of ways for you to use your favor flavors in Raku scripts — even in grammars!
When using regexen from this module, you can be assured that capture ordering is preserved, the meaning of whitespace won't get changed, etc.


The support for different flavors is shown below in a table, followed by a discussion on any (hopefully temporary) deviations from the standard. The meaning of the columns is the following: * In grammars: these can be used inside of grammars. Just declare the regex with the psuedo-adverb. Since } will necessarily be the terminating character, you may need to escape it in some way. * Bare quoted: just as you can use rx/foo/ for regular regexes, these allow you to prefix with, e.g., rx:ecma/foo/ * Lexical scope: these are defined by my/our scoping, e.g. my ecma-regex { … }

Flavor In grammars Bare quoted (substitution) Lexical scoped adverb
ECMA-262 (Javascript) ✓ (𐄂) ecma
Python 𐄂 𐄂 (𐄂) 𐄂 py
Ruby 𐄂 𐄂 (𐄂) 𐄂 ruby
PHP 𐄂 𐄂 (𐄂) 𐄂 php

(At the moment, only Javascript is supported. The others are aspirational.)

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