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Prometheus::Client cpan:HANENKAMP last updated on 2021-03-04

v0.4.0	2021-03-03

    * Correctly group labeled matrics in rendered output. (HT: @kbucheli)

v0.2.0	2020-06-10

    * Fix a problem with thread-safety when using labeled metrics. (HT:
    * Improved performance of metrics rendering. (HT: @kbucheli)

v0.1.1	2019-10-21

    * Fix namespaces, units, and other name related terms that were being used
      incorrectly in samples.

v0.1.0	2019-10-20

    * Fix the internal metric factory to make sure it builds metric groups
    * Fix the labels method of metric groups, which was completely broken.

v0.0.1	2019-09-16

    * Initial revision.