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RPi::Device::ST7036 cpan:PATRICKZ last updated on 2017-10-28



RPi::Device::ST7036 - Support for the ST7036 dot matrix display.


use RPi::Wiring::Pi;
use RPi::Wiring::SPI;
use RPi::Device::ST7036;

wiringPiSPISetup 0, 1_000_000;

my RPi::Device::ST7036 $lcd .= new(
    setup       => RPi::Device::ST7036::Setup.DOGM081_3_3V,
    rs-pin      => 25,
    spi-channel => 0


$lcd.write: 'Shiny!';


Display driver for ST7036 based matrix displays.



Takes the following parameters:

RPi pin number connected to the register select pin of the display. This library uses the Wiring Pi pin numbering.

The SPI channel the display is connected to. Either 0 or 1.

An RPi::Device::ST7036::Setup object. Instances of this class contain all configuration options that are always the same for a specific display.

If you have a display for which there is not yet an entry in the Setup class ready to use, please write one and create a pull request!

Whether to display a cursor.

Whether the cursor should blink.

A contrast value between 0 and 63.

Whether a double hight line should be used (irrelevant for single line displays).

Whether the display should be turned on initially.


Initialize the display. Must be called before anything else works.


Write some text on the display.


Return the cursor to position 0.


Clear the display.