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RakuConfig zef:finanalyst last updated on 2023-04-02

=begin pod
=TITLE Changlog
=SUBTITLE For RakuConfig

=head1 2021-01-24
=item Add Changelog
=item Add test for no config.raku file
=item re-order tests, put author and extensive tests in xt/
=item add :cache = True option, so that if :!cache, then the previous value of config is not used

=head1 2021-01-27
=item added test for empty strings in config files, no need to change code
=item removed :cache and replaced with :no-cache which is False by default

=head1 2021-02-08
=item removed write-config, so as to reduce dependency on PrettyDump.
=item remove 'Test::META', 'Test::Deeply::Relaxed', 'File::Directory::Tree' from Test depends.

=head1 v0.3.1 2022-07-08
=item bump version
=item change auth to zef, prepare for fez
=item change to githhub actions

=head1 v0.4.0 2022-07-08
=item change version to 3 part, bump

=head1 v0.5.0 2022-08-19
=item removed all mention of :no-cache. It is an unnecessary optimisation. Config files are not large.
=item comment out proto for write-config. This removes all reference to write-config.
=item rename xt/01
=item rewrote test files & README to eliminated :no-cache
=item renamed all files to raku* extensions

=head1 v0.6.0 2022-09-02
=item added write-config & format-config with minimal pretty formatting.

=head1 v0.6.1 2022-09-03
=item remove redundant no-precompilation

=head1 v0.7.0 2022-09-11
=item increased default behaviour so that one of or both of following are tried
=item2 config.raku in CWD
=item2 configs/ directory
=item2 if both, then the keys are merged and tested against @required
=item added get-config( Str )
=item2 where the Str is a directory
=item if not given CWD is default.
=item rewrite README
=item fix CHANGELOG
=item fix tests with cleanup

=head1 v0.7.1 2022-09-13
=item fix bad return type with embedded Hash

=head1 v0.7.2 2022-09-16
=item change formatting of multiline Str.
=item make Num into Numeric to capture more generic numbers

=head1 v0.7.3 2022-09-19
=item add tests for mode form of RakuConfig
=item improve Exception message for non-directory mode
=item fix error in mode

=head1 v0.7.4 2023-04-02
=item typo fix. ++Marten Polgar
=item add in Array form
=end pod