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Red cpan:FCO last updated on 2020-11-22

# Experimental features

* `is-handling`

  make it possible to use the traint `is handling` that "exports" the given `ResultSeq`'s methods to the model itself
* `migrations`

  make it possible to test the prototype of the migration feature
* `formaters`

  make it possible to change the rule of creation of the names of tables and columns
* `shortname`

  make Red use the `shortname` of the model to create the table's name instead of the full name

* `has-one`

  creeates a new option to relationship: `has-one`. For more details:

## How to use experimental feartures?

when `use`ing Red, pass a list of wanted experimental features, For example:

use Red <is-handling migrations formaters shortname has-one>;