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Shell::Capture cpan:ROAM last updated on 2020-01-22
Change log for the Shell-Capture Raku module


- Rename the files with Raku extensions.
- Add the Test::META modulea as a test dependency.
- Add a test to validate the format of the META6.json file.
- Add some more META6.json fields.
- Declare the API version in the module definition.


- Bump the version so that it is actually indexed.


- Move the "use v6.c" statement to the first line of the file.
  Thanks to Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev <[email protected]>
- Test with recent versions of Perl 6.


- Test against the four most recent Rakudo Perl 6 releases on Travis CI.
- Merge Samantha McVey's pull request #1 to specify
  the Artistic-2.0 license in META6.json.


- also test against the 2016.07.1 and 2016.08.1 Rakudo releases on
  Travis CI
- add the `$enc` and `$nl` parameters to both `capture()` and `capture-check()`,
  optionally specifying the encoding and the newline delimiter in
  the external program's output


- first public release