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Slang::Kazu zef:Altai-man last updated on 2021-04-01
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Slang::Kazu - Japanese numerals in your Perl 6


    use Slang::Kazu;
    say "3542" ~~ 三千五百四十二; # True
    say '一' ~~ /<single-kazu>/; # Will match any digit from 1 to 9


Slang::Kazu is a Perl 6 slang that allows you to use a subset of native Japanese numerals in your Perl 6 code because you can.

You can use numbers from 1 to 99999. Counters are yet to be implemented. Mostly this is a clone of [drforr's]( `Slang::Roman`, but for Japanese numerals - all thanks to him for the idea and the implementation.

Currently, incorrect numbers like `二二` are evaluated to `Nil` and you will see some scary errors because of that, so don't lose your kanji!

This project is just a joke and doesn't intented to be used in any serious codebases! You are warned.


Altai-man on Github, you can cast sena_kun on freenode too.


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