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Sparrowdo::VSTS::YAML::Nuget::Build cpan:MELEZHIK last updated on 2018-07-16



Sparrowdo module to generate VSTS yaml steps to build nuget packages.

$ cat sparrowfile

# Build nuget package for project "CoollLib" located in $working-folder
module_run "VSTS::YAML::Nuget::Build", %(
  build-dir => "build",
  project-folder => "app/foo", # path to project directory
  project-file => "CoolLib.csproj", # path to project file
  configuration => "Release", # msbuild configuration, default value
  output_directory => "packages", # directory to write nuget packages, this is default value

$ sparrowdo --local_mode --no_sudo


Alexey Melezhik