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Sparrowdo::VSTS::YAML::Update::Azure::SSL cpan:MELEZHIK last updated on 2018-09-07



Sparrowdo module to generate VSTS yaml build definitions to update Azure ssl certs.

$ cat sparrowfile

module_run "VSTS::YAML::Update::Azure::SSL", %(
  build-dir => ".build",
  subscription => "Dev01", # Azure subscription,
  keyvault-name => "app-01-02", # the name of keyvault holding certificates 
  cert-name => "app-dev", # certificate name in keyvault 
  domain => "", # web application domain name
  app-service => "foo-bar", # azure app service name ( a.k web application )
  resource-group => "rg0102" , # azure resource group

$ sparrowdo --local_mode --no_sudo

Agent capabilities

This is the list of required tool should be installed on VSTS agent:


Alexey Melezhik