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Template::Anti cpan:HANENKAMP last updated on 2018-11-12

v0.5.2	2018-11-11

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(

v0.5.1	2018-08-23

    * Bugfix: Fixed the list of provided classes for the distribution.

v0.5.0	2018-08-23

    * Added support for custom template search path plugins.
    * Implemented pre-existing support for standard IO::Path search paths with
      the new template search path API.
    * Added a new search path that allows prefixed paths within %?RESOURCES to
      be used for template search paths.


    * Releasing to CPAN.


    * Bugfix: .duplicate() operates on the tag node rather than the root node of
      the disconnected, duplicated document. This was always the intention.


    * Internal fixes to API to prevent test failures.
    * Fix a broken test.
    * Rename to META6.json
    * Fixed the license


    * COMPATABILITY BREAKING CHANGE: Formats are now specified using a class
      name, such as DOM, HTML, and XML. Using a format name like "html" or "xml"
      will no longer work.
    * COMPATIBILITY  BREAKING CHANGE: Custom formats are built using format
      classes rather than using a custom multi sub, which worked poorly in some

    * Corrected problems documentation on custom format extensions.
    * Fixed minor bugs related to custom extensions.


    * Experimental change to make the modified DOM and formatter available for


    * Previously, template objects were reused as-is every time. This meant that
      each subsequent run built on previous modifications to the original.
      Not cool.


    * Complete rewrite.
    * Uses DOM::Tiny now rather than XML.
    * Structures the templates into libraries of templates.
    * Provides some basic facilities for locating original source files.


    * Initial experimental release.