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Termbox cpan:JJATRIA last updated on 2020-04-05

Revision history for Termbox

0.0.4    2020-04-05 16:32:05+01:00 Europe/London

  + Fixes:
    - Fixed an issue with the build scripts that made
      them ignore installed dependencies.
    - Specified build dependencies in more detail,
      including a workaround enabling installations
      under CentOS.
    - Other minor build improvements.

0.0.3    2020-03-24 20:52:30+00:00 Europe/London

  + Fixes:
    - Removed build artifacts accidentally added to
      previous release's tarball.

0.0.2    2020-03-24 20:20:27+00:00 Europe/London

  + New:
    - Added this change log :P
    - Add binding for tb-cell-buffer. Returns a pointer
      to the internal back buffer of Termbox::Cell structs.
    - Added a port of the 'keyboard' example program

  + Changes:
    - [BREAKING] Remove tb-utf8-char-length function
    - Termbox::Cell objects now have mutable attributes

  + Fixes:
    - Added a workaround for an issue with detecting
      some input events, including mouse clicks and
      "function" keys (eg. F1-12, arrow keys, etc).
    - Completed the port of the 'paint' example program.

0.0.1    2020-03-16 23:22:45+00:00 Europe/London

  * Initial release