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Terminal::ReadKey zef:thundergnat last updated on 2023-01-10

Revision history for Terminal-ReadKey

0.0.2  2023-01-10T18:24:54-05:00
    - Deleted some redundant (incorrect) "cooked" key sequences
      [bugfix] Eliminate error inside async thread due to wrong return type
      Test for return type fix.
      (Thanks to @jmaslak who reported and supplied a fix and test!)
      Change default :echo parameter for with-termios() sub to match key-press() since it is now exported.
      Add a few cooked key sequences I missed earlier. (Shift Up, Shift Down, Shift Right, Shift Left, Shift Center)
      Expand the docs a bit.

0.0.1  2022-12-22T09:47:52-05:00
    - Initial version