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Test::ContainerizedService zef:jnthn last updated on 2022-08-02



This module uses containers to provide throw-away instances of services such as databases, in order to ease testing of code that depends on them. For example, we might wish to write a bunch of tests against a Postgres database. Requiring every developer who wants to run the tests to set up a local test database is tedious and error-prone. Containers provide a greater degree of repeatability without requiring further work on behalf of the developer (aside from having a functioning docker installation). In the case this that docker is not available or there are problems obtaining the container, the tests will simply be skipped.



use Test;
use Test::ContainerizedService;
use DB::Pg;

# Either receive a formed connection string:
test-service 'postgres', -> (:$conninfo, *%) {
    my $pg =$conninfo);
    # And off you go...

# Or get the individual parts:
test-service 'postgres', -> (:$host, :$port, :$user, :$password, :$dbname, *%) {
    # Use them as you wish

# Can also specify the tag of the postgres container to use:
test-service 'postgres', :tag<14.4> -> (:$conninfo, *%) {
    my $pg =$conninfo);


use Test;
use Test::ContainerizedService;
use Redis;

test-service 'redis', :tag<7.0>, -> (:$host, :$port) {
    my $conn ="$host:$port", :decode_response);
    $conn.set("eggs", "fried");
    is $conn.get("eggs"), "fried", "Hurrah, fried eggs!";

The service I want isn't here!

This module is based on Dev::ContainerizedService. Please follow the instructions to add support for a service to that module; that will mean support is provided automatically in this one also. Then:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Add an example to the
  3. If wanting to be extremely thorough, add a test to this repository also.
  4. Submit a pull request.