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Test::Script::Output cpan:JMERELO last updated on 2019-04-30
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Test::Script::Output - Tests the output of scripts using special comments


    use Test::Script::Output;

    # in the tested file, file.p6
    say "Hello";


    # in test
    output-ok( "file.p6", "script runs OK")

    # Another tested file, regex.p6
    say "Time now is ", now;

      /^^Time now/

    # in test
    output-ok( "regex.p6", "script tested via regex runs OK")


`Test::Script::Output` tests the output of scripts. Desired output must be included aas an `=output` pod section with the literal output that should be expected from it. If that changes, a regular expression can be used.

You can either set the output explicitly

        First line
        Second line

Or match the whole output via a regex, which can be used when the output is variable

        /^^ Start /

The scripts can include external compunits as long as they're available, and you take care of including all relevant paths via `use lib`.

If you want to check out how this works, the biggest collection of examples is at [](

Provided is also a Dockerfile you can use directly for your tests; check it out at [](

Use this `.travis.yml` for testing your scripts (or something like that, changing the name of the directory)

    language: minimal

      - docker

      - docker pull jjmerelo/perl6-test-script-output
      - mkdir t && echo "use Test::Script::Output;for <Chapter7 Chapter8 Chapter9 Chapter10> -> \$d { dir-ok( \$d.IO , 'Scripts in dir ' ~ \$d ~ ' are OK') }" > t/0.t

    script: docker run -t -v  $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR:/test jjmerelo/perl6-test-script-output


output-ok( $file, $msg)

The argument can be either the name of an existing file, or a IO handle for that same file; the `$msg` is the test message.

dir-ok( $dir, $msg)

Takes the files with the extension "*.p6" from a dir, and tests them, the test will be OK if all of the files check out.

_get_output( $f )

This is the routine doing the real work of extracting the expected and actual output from the file. It's not exported by default.


JJ Merelo <[email protected]>


This test module was created originally to test the scripts for the book "Perl 6 Quick Reference", which is due to be published later this year by Apress.


Copyright 2019 JJ Merelo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.