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Test::Script zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-11-29


Test::Script Test-install distro

Test a script in Raku, checking its output


Use zef instal --deps-only . to install only dependencies. There are no non-Raku dependencies.


use Test::Script;

output-is "script.p6", "hello: goodbye\n", "Two args ",
        args => ["--msg=goodbye", "hello"];

output-like "script.p6, /"hello → goodbye"/, "Prints environment ",
        env => { "hello" => "goodbye" };

variable-ok "script.p6", '$foo', "Variable exists and is set";
variable-is "script.p6", '$foo', <bar baz>, "Variable exists and has value";

error-like "Totally-messed-up-program.p6", /messy/, "Messy program fails";

See also

See documentation as a POD.


This module is licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License (the same as Raku itself).