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Text::Tabs zef:Altai-man last updated on 2021-04-01


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Text::Tabs - Raku implementation of expand and unexpand utilities.


use Text::Tabs;

# Text with TAB characters replaced by 4 spaces.
say expand(@lines-with-tabs, :tab-stop(4));
say expand("these\tlines\n\nhave \t\t tabs\n", "in\tthem\ntoo\n", :ts(4));

# Opposite, but 8 spaces is one TAB character now.
say unexpand(@lines-with-spaces, :tab-stop(8));
say unexpand("tab >   < here");  # Default tab stop = 8


It's a slightly expanded port of Perl 5 module Text::Tabs, which in turn just Perlish implementation of expand/unexpand utilities.


To report bugs or request features, please use


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.